Overall Objective

Want to spice up your cardio routine with indoor cycling workouts in a safe and sustainable manner? Looking to ride on the bikes as a team in sync? Want to learn about music, tempo and catch that first ever sprint off saddle? Join RHYTHMIC CYCLING (FOUNDATION) today!

RHYTHMIC CYCLING (FOUNDATION) consists of 4 sessions of indoor cycling workouts, each 45 min, in a group setting that promises good fun. Learn to ride with a safe form and burn around 500 kcal every session. Expect good music and enjoy fun moves on the bikes as one team.

Programme Description

RHYTHMIC CYCLING (FOUNDATION) is a guided experience that eases indoor cyclists into the routine of rhythmic cycling. Participants of RHYTHMIC CYCLING (FOUNDATION) will better understand one’s anatomy when cycling, learn how to set up a bike and cycle safely with good form, increase stamina while cycling on the beat, learn and craft your own choreography, PLUS a masterclass on stretches that target muscles used for cycling.

Session Outline

Each 45 min class consists of 4 segments

  1. Introduction to anatomy and gear
  2. Set-up and safety
  3. Workout on a spin bike
  4. Stretches and cool down